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The Age of Super Banking (Japanese, European and Russian banking consolidation)


The planet’s biggest banks are going to get bigger to help in the reduction of poverty. The rise of East Asia, urbanization of Africa, and rising incomes (middle class) in Latin America have caused the Hamilton Institute to call for Western Bank Consolidations. Some ideas that we call for based on market capitalization would be Barclays-Citigroup, Wells Fargo-HSBC, Bank of America-Deutsche Bank, JPMorgan Chase-BNP Paribas, Mizuho Financial Group-Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group. This will help create new wealth in the capital markets to feverishly compete against massively capitalized Chinese banks, and set a course in prosperity in the financial sector.

This will help in the tax plan that the Hamilton Institute is calling for where U.S. Sectors on the Stock Market can get the resources to increase cap x expenditures and hire the employees to oversee these upgrades. This will help upgrade the U.S. Economic outlook in the short and long run.


The shirking of the global “unbanked” will help with financial inclusion in the global economy. The creation of such new customers and wealth will spur new advances and help uplift humanity. This will help counter the competition of the naysayers and the gloomier outlook they project.

The World's Unbanked Adults By Region

India, Indonesia and China's Share of Unbanked





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