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The Sinaloa Corporation (Bringing the Narco State into the global economy)


The Hamilton Institute has taken a real detailed look at its last post and made this post to counter the criticisms of one area that is fueling the insecurity of the United States. Integration and decriminalization will help with the co-association of all elements in System D in the overall economy to help alleviate poverty. The drug war is not working and is causing unneeded harm to the most vulnerable in society. The Hamilton Institute calls for the detailing of specific strengths of each cartel and paying them not to kill, deal, and retrain the members to end the horrific violence that is going on.


The Hamilton Institute calls for the creation of the Sinaloa Corporation from the elements of the Sinaloa Federation. The 2016 election is showing the changing marijuana climate in the U.S and the research of Columbia University Neuroscientist Carl Hart. The drug war has only produced insecurity, shrinking of the economy, and removal of voting rights for at-risk communities. This further creates a cycle that destroys normal people who would live their life. The Sinaloa Corporation would be marijuana, opioid, energy conglomerate that is publicly traded. Even El Chapo said he wants out of the drug business:

“I give in to the sense of security offered by the calm of Chapo and his men. There is the pervasive feeling that if there were a threat, they would know it. We eat, drink, and talk for hours. He is interested in the movie business and how it works. He’s unimpressed with its financial yield. The P&L high side doesn’t add up to the downside risk for him. He suggests to us that we consider switching our career paths to the oil business. He says he would aspire to the energy sector, but that his funds, being illicit, restrict his investment opportunities. He cites (but asks me not to name in print) a host of corrupt major corporations, both within Mexico and abroad. He notes with delighted disdain several through which his money has been laundered, and who take their own cynical slice of the narco pie.”

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The model is the Prohibition era which you had the same murder, mass shootings, and conflicts in the 1920s with the mob. Many who made their money that way moved away from the illegal activities when they began to integrate with society. The best way to end the illegal activities is to dissolve System D and begin the process of normalization towards some sectors of it. El Mayo of the Sinaloa Federation said it best in 2010:

“The problem of drug trafficking involves millions [of people],” Zambada said. “How do you control that? As for the drug lords, whether they’re locked up, killed or extradited, their replacements are already there lurking.”





Founding Purpose: “We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity.”

The mechanism for achieving this goal is Capitalism and Democracy.

Staple Corridors (Global Cities)


“The border between Mexico and the United States spans four U.S. states, six Mexican states, and has over twenty commercial crossings. The long border between the two countries means that peace and security in that region are important to the U.S.’s national security and international trade.”

-Google Search

The integration of the global economy means new methods and experiments need to be tried. The Hamilton Institute calls for the formation of global corridors in the U.S. where multiple cities are lobbed together to create a larger economic impact. I will use two examples to show the success of this way of thinking. One, I will use is the San Diego-San Ysidro-Tijuana corridor which is home to me. The other is the Detroit-Windsor corridor which is up north at the U.S-Canada Border. These combined resources will help to boost the economic outlook in the long term by strengthening the G.D.P.

San Diego-San Ysidro-Tijuana Corridor


 The San Diego-Tijuana Corridor is the largest border crossing in the world.  Between 25 million vehicles and 100 million people enter the United States every year and if you want to walk across the border it could include a two-hour wait. Tijuana is the second most visited city in the western hemisphere with New York City being number one. This will help prop up and spread the experiment of the super-corridor.

Technology, biotechnology, cyber security, military contractors, maritime, and manufacturing clusters will be the engine of the combined cities. This new corridor will include multiple cities and business areas which will boost the population to 6.5 million people to create a new mega-region in North America.

Detroit–Windsor Mega Region


Detroit Windsor corridor is one of the Quebec City-Windsor mega-region and the staple to the north in terms of the economy. It has a combined population of 5.7 million people and the latter is at least 18 million people by a 2011 census. The Detroit-Windsor corridor is a technological powerhouse that is in the running for developing nanotechnology, biotechnology, information technology, and hydrogen fuel cell/cleantech. It is the home of the big three automakers in the U.S. where two auto firms (General Motors, Ford) are in the U.S, and one is located in the Windsor area(Chrysler Canada Headquarters).

This helps cooperation between the regions means just because you’re in one region does not mean you cannot work with other regions.  Silicon Valley/Detroit collaboration in the future of transportation is the engine of growth and innovation. The region is heavily talented with the R&D, Universities, and companies to make it happen. The only thing from making this region from exploding is the role and backing of the U.S. Government.








Founding Purpose: “We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity.”

The mechanism for achieving this goal is Capitalism and Democracy.