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Countering GMD and Hardening the Communications Sector

sunspot_med carrington-event-1859

Solar flares, geomagnetic disturbances, and the Carrington Flare (event) are a threat. Significant attention and debates need to be held in the public space on the risks these events pose to humanity.  This is an opportunity to create jobs, devote more resources to space, and help the technology be developed to help counter the effect on the global economy. The many countless lives and the crimes that will be prevented from a fully functional grid will help keep society in order. Future Generations will thank us for getting this started.

The Carrington Flare (or Event) was a solar event that happened on Friday, September 1, 1859. The solar flare hit the earth and was one of the largest solar storms recorded. In the early 19oo’s the impact on the communication and economy was felt. The telegraph system was nearly fried and paper caught on fire. The event was the biggest event that experts in the field say. If an event happens like that again today it would totally wreck our lifestyle.



Earth magazine has a very detailed explanation of the horrific damage that will happen all over the world if we do not start to work out ways to shield infrastructure from this.

Please read here: http://www.earthmagazine.org/article/dangers-solar-storms-which-gives-power-can-also-take-it-away


Loss of GPS, whether brief or long term, would have impacts on safety, convenience, and the economy.


A commission to detail how private industry, military, and intelligence on the regional, global, and economic effects will help to start the debate on creating a safer future for our children.







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