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NAU UK (Advancing NAFTA and adding the U.K. to strengthen the U.S. Economy)


I’m a CNBC/Bloomberg junkie and I just can’t go a day without seeing news stories about Brexit which I think is another opportunity for the United States. Regional thinking is the central theme of this website and I was thinking this “how consolidation might work for the standard-bearers of the English language”. I’m a critic of NAFTA and the damage it has caused to Mexico’s agriculture, labor, and environmental standards but a reformed tax system can remedy the chaos.

Here is the definition from Investopedia about Brexit:

“The Brexit, an abbreviation of “British exit” that mirrors the term Grexit, refers to the possibility of Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union. A number of British political parties support a referendum on EU membership; the most prominent are the Conservative Party, which has promised a 2017 in/out referendum if it wins the May 2015 General Election”

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With the polls gaining support and the U.K’s business community feels constrained by the E.U. regulations. I agree with their argument that they should focus on America, India, and China than the E.U. which has different institutions that are descended from the Napoleonic Code which will not work in the U.K.’s case. The net gain for Britain joining NAFTA will help American exports with a net gain of 63,182,000 new customers. That adds about (*)1.5 new Californias, about two Texas, and about three New York states. This is excluding immigration from the newly formed trading block which can dominate in this age of urbanization around the world (esp. India and China).


The common cultural, language, and liberal values on the economy, defense, education, and scientific development will advance R&D in the new alliance. For the capital markets, this new alliance will bring all of the top exchanges into the fold under a single banner. The TMX (Toronto Stock Exchange) and LSE (London Stock Exchange) can help the transiting to the Monster NYSE by giving small companies the experience of going public without the hassle of the Sarbanes–Oxley Act (SOX) which can take up to 5% of the companies’ budget. History and background in the smaller but influential capital markets would help keep new wealth begin created. This is nothing but benefits for all parties involved in the adding of the U.K. into the NAFTA agreement.


IAIN MURRAY AND JAMES C. BENNETT have a great idea for a post-E.U. Britain:

“Britons also feel at home south of the Canadian border. Contrary to an oft-repeated myth, links between Britain and the United States are not reducible to the personal relationships between presidents and prime ministers. The U.S. and the U.K. have always been each other’s, primary financial partners. A few simple measures could substantially deepen this relationship, especially once Britain no longer needs to adhere to EU rules.”

“Foremost among these would be to admit a post-EU Britain to the North American Free Trade Agreement. Nafta is not a perfect vehicle, but it has the enormous advantage of already existing, with a nearly 20-year track record behind it. And unlike the EU, Nafta would not seek to impose a single social vision on its members. For example, Nafta has had no effect on Canadian social policy, which is very similar to Britain’s—except for Canada having more revenue to pay for it all.”

Let’s not forget about the four top universities working together

harvard_shield_wreath Yale-University-Logo Cambridge_University_Crest_-_embossed 8696474091_ab991bed8b_b

Harvard, Yale, Cambridge, and Oxford University with all the top universities in the U.S. and U.K. would create an R&D, Educational, and Scientific Giant.

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Also, the two centers of global finance are under one umbrella which is New York and London.


Who knows???? A super merger of English Speaking Nations/Markets may be the new global titan!







Founding Purpose: “We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity.”

The mechanism for achieving this goal is Capitalism and Democracy.