Reintroducing the Tesla Mobility group (Upgrade 1.5)

A prior article was posted about seven years ago on two unrelated financial news items that I tried to connect. The downgrade of the Model S and the VW scandal created a condition for a potential merger. This would have accelerated the electrical vehicle/hybrid vehicle where the technology from Tesla could be used to augment VW to a hybrid vehicle manufacturer to help with shock from the phased drawdown of oil. I will still make the original argument but expanded with two companies.

This upgrade to the Tesla empire would be VW, Daimler AG, and a military contractor was known as Lockheed Martin which is one of the great engineering hubs but a lot of the research is classified for National Security concerns.  Elon Musk said  “Locally autonomous drone warfare is where it’s at, where the future will be,” Musk said. “It’s not that I want the future to be this, that’s just what the future will be. … The fighter jet era has passed. Yeah, the fighter jet era has passed. It’s drones.”   This is a game-changer to the space sector where Space X is bringing competition where unfortunate donors have bloated the costs up. A $1 million dollar price tag versus a $2 billion dollar launching cost is capitalism at its finest.

An expanded Tesla with an additional three companies under the tutelage of Elon Musk who showed his ability to transform and innovate. The acquisition of Lockheed Martin will help transform the space and military contracting arena where new players are needed. Competition in this will propel and bring down the cost for startups and newer players trying to raise capital, develop new technology, and market new products. This will help young and new entrepreneurs who need just that one opportunity to begin because Space X will be able to lower the costs of entering the LEO space market.

For everyone who got the upgrade 1.5!!! If you know you know Choom!!!

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