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Carbon Fraction PT. 2 (Fire Ice, Carbon, Methane, and Hybrid Gases to energize and fuel the economy)

This is the second part of the Pro Carbon Fraction article on transitioning the planet to a new age where we have shifted from the Holocene to a fuller version of the Anthropocene. We could adjust the amount of Carbon to help heat or cool the planet which is great for business, politics, and survivability. A collaborative effort by U.S./Western Free market Institutions and the Government could create a counter to the state-led energy majors in OPEC. The U.S. can lead in this by using its massive Scientific leadership to find a so-called “point of no return” where we could have guardrails on the lowest/highest amount of Carbon ppm in the atmosphere of the planet. Immediate action on making Carbon and Methane integral to the economy will make remediation for future generations.

Let’s talk first about Fire Ice which is a potential game-changer but it’s very compatible with Carbon. The lifespan of Methane is 9.1 years in our atmosphere before it escapes into space. This helps where when CCS begins where we could actually adjust the Carbon we pull from the air for our economy for manufacturing, sequestered, or allocation. The article highlighted in the point of no return link above shows that the flywheel effect with the oceans and carbon would provide some leeway in keeping the planet in the Goldilocks Zone where it’s not too hot or too cold for life on the planet.

Methane being put into the atmosphere while pulling out Carbon to be allocated in a market setting like the CME with the inclusion of Scientists creates a great framework for future partnerships for major geo projects. Let’s dive further deeper into Fire Ice:

“Methane hydrates or ‘fire-ice’ is a globally distributed fossil fuel. It is composed of methane trapped inside a lattice of water molecules, which forms a white, energy-dense substance that can be easily ignited, like solid ethanol. The hydrates form at relatively shallow sub-surface depths, in high pressure and low temperature environments, typical of outer continental margins and permafrost areas. Once the substance is heated and depressurised to normal conditions, 1cm of hydrates equates to ~164cm of regular natural gas. The gas consists of 80-99.9% methane and produces much less pollution than coal and oil when burned – estimates suggest that natural gas emits just 60% of the carbon emissions generated by coal, and 80% of the emissions generated by oil.”

Latham, Toya. “METHANE HYDRATES: IS ‘FIRE-ICE’ THE NEXT ENERGY REVOLUTION?.” Enverus, https://www.enverus.com/blog/methane-hydrates-fire-ice-next-energy-revolution/#:~:text=Methane%20hydrates%20or%20’fire%2Dice,easily%20ignited%2C%20like%20solid%20ethanol.

In the flywheel effect, the temperature of the oceans, Carbon is processed by either being left to float in the atmosphere or pulled for later allocation within the economy. This is our future and we need to embrace it by preparing the necessary investments. This could also begin to build the foundation of our evolving capitalism to employ millions of eager Western workers. This should help to bring back trust and confidence into the institutions that have seen massive distrust from populations they are determined to help and protect. This will absorb excess by-products while creating capital market opportunities for the public, the government for taxation, and corporations who want a chance to capitalize on business openings.

Now we could use the NOAA National Weather Service to get a pinpoint place to begin to allocate the Carbon in the Atmosphere by the season and find a “normal” pathway depending on Summer (Max Carbon pulled, Methane steady), Spring (Carbon pulled but on the smaller end, Methane steady) Winter (Min Carbon pulled, Methane Accelerated), and Autumn (mid-level Carbon pulled, Methane adjusted on climate data atm). I could see an NOAA and IPCC working together to provide accurate information to the industries, suppliers, and policymakers to have stability in the climate intergered economy.

“Officially, the current epoch is called the Holocene, which began 11,700 years ago after the last major ice age. However, the Anthropocene Epoch is an unofficial unit of geologic time, used to describe the most recent period in Earth’s history when human activity started to have a significant impact on the planet’s climate and ecosystems. The word Anthropocene is derived from the Greek words anthropo, for “man,” and cene for “new,” coined and made popular by biologist Eugene Stormer and chemist Paul Crutzen in 2000.

Scientists still debate whether the Anthropocene is different from the Holocene, and the term has not been formally adopted by the International Union of Geological Sciences (IUGS), the international organization that names and defines epochs.”

National Geographic Editors. “Anthropocene” National Geographic Encyclopedia, https://www.nationalgeographic.org/encyclopedia/anthropocene/

This is great because this is the rumbling of the start of moving towards a Type 1 Civilization where we begin to craft the planet’s energy to support our existence. This is our ultimate destination where the U.S. will lead us to abundance and posterity.








Fire Ice





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