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Oh Jesus, just buy Russia goddamn it already!!! (Shit Fuck)

It’s time to bring Russia into the U.S. as an equal partner and it will help stabilize the planet for business, politics, and global security. We have seen decades upon decades of fierce and bloody competition between two superpowers but with the Ukraine situation, it’s time for another mindset of thinking. I’m not justifying or excusing the atrocities of war crimes but if we use the TRC of South Africa could help with de-escalation. The reason why the Hamilton Institute is concerned is the massive economic and financial shocks from collaborative sanctions placed on Russia which cause the Government to place internal problems on an external force instead of Grafh, Corruption, reducing red tape, reforms, and firing incompetent officials. It will prolong the conflict instead of reducing it while building up the underground economy particularly cyber and counterfeiting of US currency and products.

Just buying Russia will solve so many problems in the world and the saying about Russia being “nukes, gooks(spies and scientists), and women.” This will bring so many benefits to both countries plus help with the declining population rate with a possible airlift of young men and women to the US so they could either marry each other (Russian Couples) or help raise the majority population declining demographics with will bring the craziness out of the current political debates right now. The Benefits of adding Russia to the US besides nukes, gooks, and women will be discussed later in the article.

Besides the usually offensive and defensive realism between the two former industrial cold war rivals but the serious ratching up by the Russians can ideologically be tied to when the decision to place Stalinism on the same level as Nazism which stunned Russia which received the brunt of the Nazi aggression which saw huge numbers of its population, industrial centers, and cities simply obliterated. Imagine these cities Detroit, New York, San Francisco at the height of WWII (not the hollowed-out skeletons today) moving to the middle of the country to escape the onslaught. This was Operation Barbarossa which brought out ever more casualties to an already war-torn country.

MBIC Moscow

Russia being added to the US economy is an extra 1.71 Trillion dollars added to the U.S. economy. Mergers and Acquisitions between the corporate sector, the net gain for the U.S. Defense Sector by simply absorbing the military assets, and scientific gains by the purchase will foretell benefits thousands of times over and over. Debra Decker at Defense One points out the common interest between the U.S. and Russia. Two areas stand out for consideration. Iran and North Korea are two major global security issues plus the traditional concern of Nuclear issues stemming from the cold war conflict. The one that stand out to me are:

New Areas for Cooperation

Issue: Nuclear attribution. If you think relations are rocky now, consider how things would slide if a nuclear or radiological event occurred, and one country accused the other of purposely or inadvertently losing control of its dangerous materials. The IAEA has established some good forensics practices, but there are few political mechanisms for agreeing on attribution outside the IAEA safeguards process. In the chemical-weapons area, where we have a Chemical Weapons Convention, we have seen the attribution challenges in Syria. We have also seen the diplomatic fallout as a nerve agent poisoning case has continued to plague a small British community, with questions about the formal attribution process.

Approach: The U.S. and Russia can establish a joint study group of scientists and policy experts to explore the political and scientific lessons learned from past inspections for alleged violations under international conventions and safeguards agreements. The group could also review new attribution approaches, such as the French one for chemical attribution, and recommend process steps that go further than existing IAEA guidance.

Issue: New challenges are emerging from the broader uses of outer space to the cybersecurity of nuclear weapons and of facilities, with the Department of Homeland Security revealing new information on Russian cyber intrusions into U.S. critical infrastructure, including nuclear power plants. Disruptive technologies such as additive manufacturing challenge traditional export control mechanisms for controlling proliferation while cryptocurrencies challenge controls over the financing of illicit transfers.

Approach: Establishing joint expert groups of to consider some of these challenging areas would help in moving us toward developing agreed norms of behavior that could help avoid future deadly conflicts. Other countries are already moving forward fast in some areas, such as space issues and anti-satellite weaponry. Discussions including former military officials, experts and diplomats are needed, with NTI being a good example of one taking the lead in the area of weapon cybersecurity.

Decker, Debra. “The US and Russia Have Plenty of Areas for Cooperation. Let’s Get to Work.” Defense One, https://www.defenseone.com/ideas/2018/07/us-and-russia-have-plenty-areas-cooperation-lets-get-work/149996/

Let’s heal the planet, advance humanity, have babies, and start to enjoy our beautiful species instead of destroying each other! This is so much better than what’s going on because it’s so sad and depressing, especially after the Covid lockdowns which stopped at least 2 years of people’s live but for some, it was even more.





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