Node Economy PT. 1 (A Solution to Keep the American Economy Vibrant)

This is the first of a two-part series on using a more structured system to use the benefits of space R&D to reinvigorate the economy. This is The Hamilton Institute’s proposal to prevent shocks to the economy which cause severe disruption to the politics and further enrage the population. The tax plan that the Hamilton Institute has developed with a fundamental restructuring of the U.S.economy will help to do wonders to help reemploy an eager population who wants to start enjoying life again. A functional and firey government that could solve and invests in the country will help ease the uncertainty in the country right now. The top issues and complaints of the voters in America can be attributed to a dysfunctional congress and senate.

This article is going to go into the economy but also explains how the U.S.’s first-past-the-post system affects the political environment. When parties have a scorched earth policy and start cutting out policies of the opposing party they have defeated. Yes, you scored a short-term victory but you are setting the road up for major issues to develop and not be resolved. I’m not arguing for a change to the system but having reforms and updates but also for voters to understand that our strength in a democracy is each other. Nothing is ever going to change unless the declining tech cluster and unproven tech clusters will never move past the point of just political saber-rattling.

The bickering between America’s top two parties causes damage to not only its citizens but also to the cause of Democracy which in the essence is the concept of one man one vote. A western competitor to the Authoritarian systems of the strong man of many countries on the planet can be defeated. Our system can win by simply having America the most prosperous and freest society on the planet. This Country is the number one place for immigrants, number one economy, number one in tech, number one in culture, and number one in living standards. It can get better which requires a generation of leaders who understands the old way of doing politics, business, and life has long been done.

Understanding the second coming of the Space Age will help my and future generations thinking to execute decisions compared to the old industrial hydrocarbon debates of the past. I’m calling for the VC system to be augmented to have a multi-hub network to help revitalize mega-regions which throw out the old politics of the 1960s where the city and state holds sway over mega-regions that have huge populations and issues to be solved. Nasa and national labs are the nodes and the VCs, Family Offices, Angel Investors, and Private Equity are the hub and constituents, with Government Statistics and data as signals. Workers will be the connections that whenever the training, demographics, or new opportunities appear can be used to gauge and/or adjust to help keep the economy vibrant.

We must, indeed, all hang together or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately.

Benjamin Franklin

Now for the politics which is always easier said than done when dealing with day-to-day politics. I’m going to say that having a bipartisan mentality when the economy is fueling the divide where you have rent-seeking from establishment players who come from declining sectors and you have political noise from new technologies who have not yet proven their reliability in proving power consistency. This system that we call for will help develop and redevelop forgotten areas of America. Bipartisan is not only national security issue but an economic case too.

The reason why a lot of other countries don’t have certain problems with politics is that they have a proportional representation system where if the election is lost for the incumbent party and they lose big. They still have some representation for their constitutions and in the government. In America, the losing party is out of power completely which put huge voting blocks out for favor in the eyes of the opposite party. I’m not calling for a change to this system because the U.S. has something to resolve this and it’s called bipartisanship. At the end of the day if certain pieces of the minority party have some items they could still take care of fellow citizens and it helps democracy’s image in this war-torn world.

With a focus on Megaregions in America and the world instead of cities and states. We can pass the policies to really create the change and create a friendly environment that the public, businesses, and politicians on both sides of the spectrum will love to have in the country right now. Increasing the budgets of NASA (the largest I’m calling for), DOD, HHS, and CDC with basic research and R&D will make these clusters sustainable and not subject to offshoring.

Here are more details on the full 29 mega-regions.

Mega-Region Cities Population (millions) Economic Output (billions)
Bos-Wash New York; Washington, D.C.; Boston 47.6 $3,650
Par-Am-Mun Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels, Munich 43.5 $2,505
Chi-Pitts Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland, Pittsburgh 32.9 $2,130
Greater Tokyo Tokyo 39.1 $1,800
SoCal Los Angeles, San Diego 22.0 $1,424
Seoul-San Seoul, Busan 35.5 $1,325
Texas Triangle Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Austin 18.4 $1,227
Beijing Beijing, Tianjin 37.4 $1,226
Lon-Leed-Chester London, Leeds, Manchester 22.6 $1,177
Hong-Shen Hong Kong, Shenzhen 19.5 $1,043
NorCal San Francisco, San Jose 10.8 $925
Shanghai Shanghai, Hangzhou 24.2 $892
Taipei Taipei 16.7 $827
São Paolo São Paolo 33.5 $780
Char-Lanta Charlotte, Atlanta 10.5 $656
Cascadia Seattle, Portland 8.8 $627
Ista-Burs Istanbul, Bursa 14.8 $626
Vienna-Budapest Vienna, Budapest 12.8 $555
Mexico City Mexico City 24.5 $524
Rome-Mil-Tur Rome, Milan, Turin 13.8 $513
Singa-Lumpur Singapore, Kuala Lumpur 12.7 $493
Cairo-Aviv Cairo, Tel Aviv 19.8 $472
So-Flo Miami, Tampa 9.1 $470
Abu-Dubai Abu Dhabi, Dubai 5.0 $431
Osaka-Nagoya Osaka, Nagoya 9.1 $424
Tor-Buff-Chester Toronto, Buffalo, Rochester 8.5 $424
Delhi-Lahore New Delhi, Lahore 27.9 $417
Barcelona-Lyon Barcelona, Lyon 7.0 $323
Shandong Jinan, Zibo, Dongying 14.2 $249

Richard, Florida. “The Real Powerhouses That Drive the World’s Economy” Bloomberg,

Let’s get this started and bring the right course change that is needed for humanity right now.

Founding Purpose: “We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity.”

The mechanism for achieving this goal is Capitalism and Democracy

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